United States of America has been a melting pot for people from all over the world. As many immigrate to this great nation in hopes of making their dreams come true, it does not take long enough to come in terms with reality. One of the biggest reality is the exorbitantly expensive medical system in the country. As compared to other developed nations in the world, the US lags behind in the affordable health care service. The expensive medical treatment is more apparent in major cities like Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas which has experienced a steep increase in the immigrant population. In the US, Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has the second largest population of the Nepali diaspora. 

Many Nepalese living in the DFW area do not have sufficient medical insurance. The lack of proper medical attention was immensely felt by the Nepalese Community. To fulfill this inadequacy Nepalese Society, Texas (NST) under the leadership of the former President Mr. Prem Adhikari started conducting Free Community Health Camp. The Community Health Camp was well received by the society members, especially those with no medical insurance and the visiting senior members. The members from the core leadership in the Nepalese Society, Texas has always been supportive of this initiative. Nepalese Cultural and Spiritual Center (NCSC) has assisted by providing the much needed space in their premise. 

From 2009 till date the Community Health Camp is been conducted regularly. Approximately up to one hundred patients are served in each health camp.

The functioning and the responsibility of the Health Camp is undertaken by the Chairman of the Health camp, Dr. Sanjeeb Shrestha. He is the driving and inspiring force behind this endeavor. In spite of a successful and busy medical practice he is always willing and available to provide his valuable time to the Health camp. Joining hands with him is Dr Jharana Shrestha who is not only his wife but a successful doctor too.

Community Health Camp would have not been possible without the contribution of the volunteers. Doctors, Nurses, Medical Professionals and Patrons devote their precious time and effort to serve the community. There are instances when volunteers have paid towards babysitting their children to be present in the health camp.

As the demand for the Community Health Camp has increased among us, there is also a need to take the Health Camp to the next level. Taking this into consideration, a non-profit association Texas Nepalese Medical Association (TNMA) has been formed. This association will not only help the patient who need medical attention, but also the next generation, who are aspiring their career in the medical field.

It is an honor and a privilege to be the Health camp coordinator with my teammates Badal Bhujel, Bikash Thapa and Lila Shrestha. This role has been an important journey in my life. I have learnt and experienced the meaning of service and duty towards the society. In my closing note, I would request the community members to continue with their love, contribution and blessings towards this noble cause of building a healthier and happier community.