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Aiming to promote Nepalese culture and heritage, Nepalese Society, Texas (NST) has been involved in different community programs. One of them is the school, KG thru 12 grade. The school also includes a separate class (Bal Bikas) especially to teach just the Nepali language. The main purpose of the school is to promote and preserve Nepali language & culture, help kids with their regular classes and assist kids to build on their critical thinking.

Our course package includes moral science, Nepali language, school math, science as well as SAT program. We teach all courses in our state-of-the-art classrooms. Apart from teaching, essay writing competition, Quiz Contest, educational debates, and poem competition are some of the other areas that we touch upon every year.

In addition to the School program, NST also organizes 2 weeks long summer camp each year. The camp provides children with the opportunity to learn about religion, Nepalese culture, history, and geography as well. It is a fun-filled and highly interactive camp. The program has been rated as one of the most successful programs that NST has been organizing for the past couple of years.

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General Syllabus for NST’s Quiz Contest – 2021

Contestants are expected to learn about the following topics as much as possible.

1. Nepal
  • Famous personalities: no birth dates, etc. will be asked. There may be some audio-visual rounds based on which you will need to know who they are and what they are famous for. The range of personalities will include celebrities and social workers.
  • Geography: Basic facts about major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Narayan Gadh (including Chitwan as a whole), Birgunj, Biratnagar, and janakpur. Some record making geographically important locations and structures like the Mt Everest, Rara Lake, Hanuman Dhoka, etc. You may be asked where they are located at.
  • Language, religion & Culture: Some basic translation of English words into Nepali, major festivals of popular ethnic groups. Information about major religious and cultural festivals is expected to be gained. No specific dates will be asked.
2. North America
  • Famous personalities: No birth dates, etc. will be asked. There may be few audio-visual rounds based on which you will need to know who they are and what they are/were famous for. The range of personalities will include celebrities, popular political icons and social workers.
  • Geography: Basic facts about major man-made structures and natural landscapes and/or structures like Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, etc. You may also be asked to identify the images displayed and where they are located at.
  • Language/Literature: This topic will include mainly the vocabulary. You may be given options to choose the right answer from. This may also include the spelling round as well. Please be familiar with some all-time famous books of American origin.
3. World
  • History: This will include known world figures such as Hitler, Arafat, JF Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln etc. You may be asked what year the certain accident/event happened. We will not ask you the specific dates though. This may also include certain major milestone achievements like when the first GPS and Internet were introduced. We advise you to focus on only major achievements which changed the entire world to some remarkable degree.
  • Geography/Religion: This section will talk about some major places, structures which are popular in the world. We may ask you to identify the structure and/or name the place where they are located at. We may ask like if Iraq is east to Iran or West to it and so on.
  • Religion: Please be familiar with basic facts about world’s major religions. You may be asked where Jesus was born or what Buddha’s name was. You may be asked to identify religiously important structures like Ankor Wat temple of Cambodia, Ka’ba of Saudi Arabia and so on.
4. Sports & Entertainment
  • Sports: Please focus on past two World cup soccer, NBA and NFL only. We may ask who the winner was and the place as well. You may be asked to identify the names of the sports icon, with their affiliated teams.
  • Entertainment: We may ask the affiliated country of certain popular movies, name of spouse of popular actors/actresses. We may ask leading stars of some popular movies and the year it was produced. This section will include Nepal, Bollywood and Hollywood. We may talk about certain major achievements, like winning Oscars or Golden Globe. Please focus on recent two years of data only.
5. Science & Technology
  • This section will cover some questions on science which you have studied in your middle/high school grades. Example may be chemical formula of water is, meaning of M in famous equation of relativity, E=MC2. This section may also include zoological questions like if certain animal is reptile or mammal, etc.
  • Be familiar with the achievement of NASA and the European space agency. We will have some questions on space science however you need to focus just mostly on our solar system. We expect you to learn some basic facts about planets and stars. We will not ask you the specific measures though.
6. GK (IQ related)
  • This section will cover mostly short mathematical challenges and some brain teaser trivia. This is basically for IQ test which will measure your quickness on analytical thinking. There is no need to study for this since it is what it is in your mind and what you are accustomed to.
7. News/Events
  • This will include the most recent topics from around the world which you have been seeing on news channels in recent days. This topic will mostly cover the current affairs and daily/weekly news. You should keep your eyes on NPR, CNN, BBC and Yahoo news.
Structure of the Quiz Sessions
  • We will have 5 separate sessions (topics: 1 thru 5 above) on five different days.
  • The sixth session will be the final one which will have questions from all of the past sessions.
  • The pre-final rounds will collectively (5 sessions) will have 60% weight whereas the final round will carry 40% of the total weight.
  • Questions from the topic 6 (GK) & topic 7 (News/Event) will appear on every sessions.
  • Each session will run for about 3 hours, approximately 135 questions will be asked in total.
  • We will have the following rounds:
    • General Round: Open answer type, with no clue given at all.
    • Multiple Round: This will 4 multiple answers.
    • Audio-Visual Round: This will have picture, audio or video type.
    • Rapid-Fire Round: This will have maximum 10 questions in a minute.

If you have any question, please feel free to call the NST School Principal, Bijay R. Bhattarai@682-433-3947

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