About Us

Welcome to Nepalese Society, Texas (NST) !

A country of natural panorama, birthplace of Lord Buddha and a homeland of strenuous, friendly and multicultural people, Nepal has its own stature in international community. Nepalese people, though government has its own initiatives and effort to establish diplomatic relations with other countries, have contributed extensively to promote identity of Nepal and Nepalese people in international arena. Every year, a large number of Nepalese people get into abroad in pursuit of higher education, business and other kind of opportunities. 

United States of America has become a most prioritized destination of opportunities for many Nepalese students, business entrepreneurs and immigrants; and Dallas Forth Worth metropolis welcomes increasing number of them annually. Most of the Nepalese people here in the US do not only share common aspiration but also share a same kind of obstacles that are encountered in the process of advancing ahead. How to help fellow friends from Nepal out of such obstacles; how to share views and stretch opportunities of advancement; and more importantly how to build a common identity, advance ahead as united and build a common consensus that united we could achieve our aspiration that are epitomized on us from our families and country back at home. Some of the pioneers in and around DFW metropolis envisioned the necessity of community of Nepalese people so that we could share our views, problems and help fellow Nepalese people out of their problems. Such sacred feeling of unity and cooperation among each other heralded a concept of Nepalese Society, Texas in the midst of 1998.



NST’s mission is to create a harmonious, inclusive and equitable community where every member’s talent is utilized and their collective and common interest is represented.


a. To help create a harmonious and inclusive community

b. To provide networking opportunities to its members
c. To promote Nepali culture and values in Dallas/Fort Worth and beyond.
d. To run education and health programs for the community
e. To coordinate with international organizations


a. To work as an umbrella organization for all Nepalese organizations in Dallas/Fort Worth

b. To strive for the welfare of the community members in accordance with local and federal
c. To provide support for relief and rebuild in case of natural catastrophes locally and globally.